Private Wealth Management

At the heart of our operations lies the strategic focus on private wealth management. We have established an open architecture management model rooted in a comprehensive investment framework that encompasses both listed and unlisted assets, along with structured products.

Understanding that each wealth portfolio should be meticulously tailored based on unique characteristics specific to each client, we extend to our clients the opportunity to invest their financial assets through personalized management. This approach is finely tuned to reflect their risk tolerance, experience, and investment horizon.


Our management proposition is built on four essential pillars: independence, performance, pricing, and flexibility, all geared towards delivering efficient, responsible, and committed financial services.

Clients entrust the management of their financial wealth to dedicated specialists, benefiting from a comprehensive range of services that span from strategic asset allocation to the selection of products and investment opportunities.

Our specialists leverage an extensive professional network to access a wealth of information from economists, strategists, fund managers, and analysts from diverse backgrounds, complementing our convictions. These privileged connections enable us to formulate independent recommendations.

Adopting a flexible and responsive approach to market fluctuations, we remain indifferent to trends and do not automatically follow market consensus. Clients receive detailed management reports and engage in regular exchanges with their designated contacts.

We offer two types of mandates:

Discretionary Management Mandates:
Collaboratively defining clients' needs and objectives, we determine their investor profile based on their investment horizon and risk appetite. Clients subsequently delegate the day-to-day management of their investments without having to validate each operation. We provide regular reports on performances and executed transactions.

Advisory Management Mandates:
Tailored for more knowledgeable clients with a particular interest in financial markets, these mandates allow clients to personally validate each investment decision. We offer various levels of support in this context, including access to our best expertise and strategic views.