Integrated Portfolio Management

Lysis ESG Thematics represents an international equity fund that combines financial performance with ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, and Governance). The fund's objective is to strategically invest in themes demonstrating substantial long-term growth potential, underpinned by a comprehensive macro-economic analysis that incorporates ESG considerations.

With a focus on anticipating and positioning for upcoming developments, whether in technology (artificial intelligence, robotics, digitization, etc.), demographics (aging population, education, health, etc.), or the environment (circular economy, biodiversity, agriculture, transportation, energy, etc.), the fund aligns itself with sectors poised for sustainable growth.

Throughout the selection process, a meticulous evaluation, encompassing both financial and extra-financial analysis, is conducted for each position, with a commitment to identifying the most coherent and sustainable management processes in the medium and long term.

As of December 31, 2023, Lysis ESG Thematics stands as the exclusive fund managed from the Principality of Monaco, distinguished by the prestigious independent ISR Label (Socially Responsible Investment Label) bestowed by AFNOR.

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