Consolidation & Oversight

Recognized for their technical expertise, responsiveness, and analytical capabilities, our employees and portfolio managers uphold a high standard of proficiency.

Monterra Wealth Management provides a consolidation service for all financial investments made in various banking institutions by our clients, offering a comprehensive and objective view of the diverse portfolios' investments.

Our advanced computer systems enable a precise overview of asset allocation (by asset class, region, currency, etc.), cost-related data, and financial metrics such as volatility and flows (coupons or dividends).

The robustness and user-friendliness of our tools also allow for the inclusion of other financial assets, such as non-listed assets (company shares, private equity fund investments), as well as heritage assets like real estate, artworks, and other collections (wines, watches, etc.). This incorporates data such as acquisition cost, profitability, value evolution, and holding costs (e.g., insurance expenses).